[FNet043] Pick n Mix Vol.5

[FNet043] Various - Pick n Mix Vol.5 compiled and mixed by Incentive.

01.Delcraft - Loved Street
02.BlackPanther - Wonder
03.Leithal - Hong Kong Torture
04.Subtronik - Cataclysm
05.OBBBMV - Blade Runner Session
06.Owl Challenger - Fangs Out
07.Diek - Binary Star
08.Fature - Turning Tables (118 Reprise)
09.Hellscion - The World of Darkness
10.Illusion of Presence - Alphlas and Epsilons
11.Plutonium Telecom - Sciet Op
12.Incentive Grandview
13.DMEW - Take Me to the City

Released: 23rd Dec 2012 By Various
License: by-nc-sa 3.0
Tags: electronica breaks techno experimental ambient
1334 Views / 34318 Listeners

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24th Dec 2012 - Fature
Another fine release. The blending of the tracks works really well and there are lots of favorites for me! d-_-b
24th Dec 2012 - Incentive
Thanks for the opportunity to compile for the Pick n Mix series. I hope all of you enjoy. There were plenty of submissions that were good, but I forced myself to keep it to 13 tracks.
1st Jan 2013 - Illusion Of Presence
Some cool tracks on here, hard to pick favorites but I did enjoy Subtronik - Cataclysm - killer lead and bass on that tune and the dark ambient soundscape of Diek - Binary Star as well as the tracks from Fature, Incentive and Helliscon...nice selection Incentive
3rd Jan 2013 - Incentive
Question for ya -> You no longer recording as AA?
9th Jan 2013 - Hellscion
Really nice selection of songs & mixing by James here..

a lot of favorites from this.. especially liked loved street & turning tables

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